CGS TYRES introduces new radial tyre lines in the OTR segment

In 2009 CGS TYRES started with the production of 25 inch radial tyres Mitas ERL-20 / Mitas ERD-20 and Mitas ERL-30 / Mitas ERD-30 with non-directional tread pattern. These all-steel radials are used on wheeled loaders, dozers, graders, dumpers and scrapers. The benefits of Mitas ERL and ERD series are:

* Reduced fuel consumption due to lower rolling resistance
* Higher resistance against tyre puncture and excellent driving comfort due to all-steel radial construction
* Extra long tread life due to innovative tread compound

The Mitas ERL-30 / Mitas ERD-30 tyres are designed for hard or stony grounds and for use on loaders, dozers and graders, operating in mixed conditions of soft and hard terrain.  The improved rubber compound, combined with the all-steel structure, guarantees lower abrasion. The tyres also offer excellent traction due to the large contact area and good self-cleaning properties.
On the road, drivers will appreciate not only the excellent level of comfort, but also the enhanced ride stability as well as the high safety level.

Thanks to their special structural design, the Mitas ERL-20 / Mitas ERD-20 tyres are particularly suitable for soft ground, muddy terrain and unsurfaced roads. The tyre offers excellent traction due to the large contact area.
The innovative positioning of the tread blocks leads to good self-cleaning properties. The Mitas ERL-20 / Mitas ERD-20 tyres provide outstanding grip and a high degree of stability for off-road operations while also maximizing the driving comfort for on-road use.

The Mitas tyres Mitas ERL-20 / Mitas ERD-20 and Mitas
ERL-30 / Mitas ERD-30 were tested with very good results on a range of vehicles, each operating in different conditions and on a different type of surfaces. The tests were carried out on soft ground, surfaced roads, gravel tracks, stony ground, in quarries, and on other surface types.
The results of the vehicle-fitted tests confirm that the Mitas ERL and ERD series give better durability than competing products.

The Mitas ERL-30 / Mitas ERD-30 and Mitas ERL-20 / Mitas ERD-20 are currently produced in the following sizes:

17.5R25 ERL-20, ERL-30 (L-2/L-3)

20.5R25 ERL-20, ERD-20 (L-2,E-2)
23.5R25 ERL-20, ERD-20 (L-2,E-2)

20.5R25 ERL-30, ERD-30 (L-3,E-3)
23.5R25 ERL-30, ERD-30 (L-3,E-3)
26.5R25 ERL-30, ERD-30 (L-3,E-3) (in development)

Mitas ERL-20                   Mitas ERL-30


MITAS a.s. has production plants in Prague, Zlín, Otrokovice and Serbia, in which it makes a wide range of tyres of off-the-road tyres. Their products include, in particular, tyres for all types and sizes of construction machinery, for excavators and loaders, trucks and lorries, multipurpose machines and farm machinery. In addition, MITAS a.s. produces motorcycle tyres and rubber mixtures.